Amal Rafeeq

Hi, I’m Amal Rafeeq (aka The Trigger Ninja)

Digital Marketing Expert & Growth Hacker

I grow businesses by getting more potential traffic and converting them into happy customers ♥

I do Content Marketing, SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization.
And I drink a lot of beer while working.

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Adam Connell

Amal has an energetic flare that I rarely see. He is authentic and inspirational and knows how to reach out of the page and grab your interest.

– Adam Connell, Entrepreneur

Ryan Biddulph

 Amal is a go getting and a networking champion. If you want to do Digital Marketing the right way, you are at the right place!

– Ryan Biddulph, Author

How Do You Grow A Business Online?

#1) Bring More People To Your Website

There are millions of people online, all the time, from all over the world. And you know that your potential customers are out there among them.

How do you drive in that highly targeted audience to your website? Well, that’s where you have to use the power of content marketing and search engine optimization tactics the right way.

Understand who your customers are, find out their needs, be the solution and grab their attention.

Drive Traffic

#2) Convert The Ordinary Into Customers

What’s the point of driving in a lot of potential traffic and not converting them into actual paying customers?

How do you do that? This is where you need to use the power of psychology and persuasive tactics into increase the conversion rate of your website. It’s like waving a magic wand over your business.

Study your potential customers, understand how their brain works and use psychology to trigger their purchase decisions.

Marketing Psychology

And That’s Exactly What I Do

I bring more people to your business, generate leads and convert them into customers.

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Amal Rafeeq
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Digital Marketing Expert